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The city’s duality woven with body language.

Dominated by neo-liberalism in their daily life, today’s people unconsciously maximize their desires and end up exploiting themselves voluntarily, which is quite contradictory. The title ‘Gyeong in’ means ‘Seoulites’ which also symbolize modern people who are very familiar with current culture, information and trends. They never satisfy their growing desires and instead of feeling satisfied, they feel so empty and confused. This dance is a story of these urban people.

Limbs are on scales. The gradations constantly change according to the weight of the body and degree of its movements. The dance symbolically expresses the confusion between people’s material desire and emotional emptiness as well as contradictions in modern society, which is truly original. What is also totally unexpected is its first part; the human body comes in and goes out with a variation of Lion Dance! Imagining in reverse idea is rather beautiful. In Gyeong in, choreographer PARK Soonho newly creates the form of the stretched human body like in plastic arts. Armed with new movements and ideas, Park’s choreographic sensitivity shines again in this work.”

- JANG Gwang-ryeol (critic) -

Touring Occupation

Choreographer, 3 dancers

3 musicians, 2 staffs

1 manager (10 per)

Duration 30 Min


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