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What happens in this world is often contradictory, just like the principle of action and reaction in nature.

Indeed, human history has revealed the coexistence and conflict of different elements: appearance and disappearance, gravitation and repulsion, freedom and oppression, love and hatred, good and evil. Such two opposite factors coexist and harmonize with each other and when combined, they become something new, complementing each other. This work expresses the dialectic of human relationships which constantly revolve around the wheel of opposition and harmony.

Touring Occupations

Choreographer, 5 dancers

3 Musicians, 3 staffs
Duration; 30min

Defying Walls, With the Thrill of Falling Borders"

(hip-hop and judo, martial art) In the evening's most captivating moments these coalesce into something very much his own, with a tranquil efficiency running through even the knottiest, most acrobatic sequences. In 'Balance & Imbalance' Pansori (Korea Traditional Music) singer's deep, magnetic voice jaggedly rises and dips, augmented by strident drums that power the dancers' seamless partnering and slippery hurtling through space.

- SIOBHAN BURKE  The New York Times -

BALANCE_Bereishit_USA_Jacob's Pillow
BALANCE_Bereishit_USA_Jacob's Pillow


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